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Embroidery Sample

Embroidery Sample

Dove in 1 color, available in 2-color
Right-facing Dove on Ivory Brocade
...The embroidery is perfect...

...The embroidery is perfect...

Received my stole today. I must say that the photos on your site do not do justice to the stole that I received today. It's gorgeous. The embroidery is perfect, the material is the finest. I will wear my stole with pride.
Rev. Alex Szwed
Ontario, Canada, June 2015
Design Your Own Stole

It's Easy & Fun to Design Your Stole Online in just a few easy steps:

1.  Select the size you want.
2.  Select your fabric and embroidery color combinations.   Click Here for the Fabric Chart. 
3.  Select symbols from a variety of over 100 available and arrange them however you'd like. Click Here for the Symbol chart. 
4.  Do you want your name embroidered in the lining?
5.  Do you have your own symbol to add to the stole? Send it to us! (See Guidelines for Submitting Your Artwork)

Let's get started! 
My hope was fulfilled...

My hope was fulfilled...

I had hoped for a stole that would reflect my ordination from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.  My hope was fulfilled by Oneness Interfaith Stoles.  Stephanie was so helpful as I worked through the process of designing my stole, especially as I requested a symbol not available on their chart.  The stole is wonder-fully crafted, and I love that the symbols I chose include a Mary Magdalene Rose. 

Rev. Susan H. Bullard
December 2023
GREAT NEWS!  New symbols & rounded neck design now available

GREAT NEWS! New symbols & rounded neck design now available

We have added 9 new symbols to our Symbol Chart bringing to a total of 103 different symbols you can select for your stole.  See our new Symbol Chart.
We also have designed a new, rounded neckline as an option for all our stoles. You can now select our original Pointed Neckline, or the new, Rounded Neckline.  The new Rounded Neckline will also allow for embroidery on the back like our Pointed Neckline does.

  Front view   Back view

Stole Sizes

Stole Sizes

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Small Custom Interfaith StoleSmall Custom Interfaith StoleThe shortest of our stoles, measuring 27" in vertical length by 4" wide.
Reaches down to about hip level.

Available in all fabric combinations, with or without fringe.

Maximum symbols:  4 on front plus 1 at top (apex).

Base Price:  $91.00 plus $7 per symbol
Medium Custom Interfaith StoleMedium Custom Interfaith StoleOur Medium Length stole, measuring 42" in vertical length by 4.5" wide.
Our most popular length, reaching down to about mid thigh. 

Available in all fabric combinations with or without fringe.

Maximum number of symbols is 11:  10 on the front plus 1 at the top (apex).

Base price:  $148 plus $7 per symbol.
Large Custom Interfaith StoleLarge Custom Interfaith StoleOur Longest Length Stole, measuring 54" in vertical length by 5" wide.
This stole will reach BELOW YOUR KNEES.

Available in all fabric combinations with or without fringe.

Maximum number of symbols is 13:  12 on the front plus one at the top (apex).

Base Price:  $158 plus $7 per symbol.



I love my stole and have worn it on two special occasions already. The fabric, the color embroidery, the peace doves…..are all perfect! I may decide to get another in the future!
Rev. Nancy Sajda
March 2015
... absolutely GORGEOUS!!

... absolutely GORGEOUS!!

I received my stole today. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!  What a beautiful job you did, and my, how quickly you got it to me. Your company has provided me with excellent service and product. I am already passing along your name to my fellow ministers. Thank you so sincerely for your work!
Rev. Lesle Goodhart
Blanchester, OH June 2018
Phone: 916-865-9123   •   Lincoln, CA