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Emerson Institute Stoles
The Gift of Presence and Being

The Gift of Presence and Being

            Ordination is a sacred contract between your soul and the Divine Spirit, the Creator of All There Is. When we decide to say YES! and step through the doorway into a higher level of spiritual evolution and realization, we often want a sign or symbol of this Inner Rite of Passage.
            External ordination is often an affirmation of what is happening on a deep inner level. A special stole is a symbol of this affirmation. As we place the stole around our necks, we allow ourselves to become one sacred space of infinite potential. This space of luminosity, of infinite love and eternal grace, is the Gift of Presence and Being, the frequency we knowingly radiate as we place the stole around our necks and breathe … and rest … and wait … and listen.

            When we wear the Stole, we are continually symbolizing the sanctifying of all Creation and the knowing of the harmony, Oneness, love, wholeness, and the Divine in, through and as All Creation.

Emerson Institute Stole

Emerson Institute Stole

Emerson Institute Stole
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Emerson’s symbol reminds people of this infinite potential. We are “open at the top,” and we continually try to find ways to say Yes! to each student’s soul evolutionary path in revealing their True Authentic Selves. Our motto, “PRIMUM COGNOCITE DEUM,” means “KNOW GOD FIRST,” and is embroidered on the neck of the stole. This symbolizes our foundation, and embroidered on the neck of the stole also symbolizes its place at the gateway to the Infinite.

At the center of the stole are two symbols. The Oneness Symbol shows that at their core all Faiths share a common heart and facing it is the Infinity Symbol, which in some traditions is also considered a symbol of unity. We have it facing the Oneness Symbol to show we are in accord to the Divine within all the peoples and faiths of the world.

The stole features a rounded neck and 4" chainette fringe at each end. The stole is shown made with Ivory brocade and lining, purple fringe, and the symbols are embroidered in shades of purple.  

You have the option to select the fabric and embroidery colors you'd like. 
  Scroll down for our fabric and embroidery color options.
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Fabric Options

Fabric Options

Move your mouse over each of the colors to see its name.
We have done our best to create accurate color representations but every computer is different and if you have any questions, please call us (916-865-9123) to request fabric samples and we'll be happy to send them to you right away.

White            Claret

    Royal Blue    Purple    
LINING (and Fringe) COLORS  -- Typically the embroidery color is selected to match the fringe, but you may select whatever embroidery color you like.  For reversible stoles, you may want to select an embroidery color that matches the brocade on the opposite side.  
Call us (916-865-9123) and we'll explain!

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